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Ire Fortiter Quo Nemo Ante Iit

3 July 1978
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amnesty international, angora sockies, answers, avoiding lj drama llamas, avoiding plush toys, avoiding the castle, bad horror, bad kung fu films, bear!, being a chipmunk, being a ninja ballmaster, being bisexual, being nakkie, being uncomplicated, body piercing, books, bouncing, bouncy castles, breathing underwater, burlesque, cello, chasing clams, chasing fish called dave, chasing pigeons, chipmunk teeth, chokkit, clambing, contortion yoga, cooking for my friends, corsets, cuddle sluts, cuddles, cult life, curiousity, dave the fish, derry's bum, diving, doing daft things, drawing badly, drawing nakkie people, driving, eating scouts for breakfast, en pointe, exploring, extreme tea drinking, fencing, firefly, fish, flirting, flute, fod, friends as family, geeking, geeks, gnome a chipmunk, going splish, groping, hanging off peoples noses, harps, hayseed dixie, hiding, hill walking, honesty, hot air ballooning, hugging, hugs, ice skating, juggling too many balls, just me, kisses that last forever, knitting, kum nye, land rovers, landies, latin, leaping, letting go, libraries, living, love, loving, lush life, making ap go squeak, making sweet music, marine biology, martial arts, motorbikes, mountaineering, musty book smell, my bear, my blankie, my kitty, my other kitteh, my viomalin, nakkie boys playing together, nakkie people, off roading, orchids, ornimathology, p-rupping, people-watching, piano playing, piercings, poi, poking anenomes, poking things, poking you, programming badly, psychology, questions, reading, reiki, running, sans le latin, scampering, sea life, sea loch smell, sea lochs, sea monkeys, sea squirts, serenity, series one landies, sexy geeks, sharing, sharing the snuggles, sheep, silence, slut pride, smelling you, spoons, stalking, stealth activism, stealth goff-ic-ness, stretching, synaesthesia, tapitty tap, tea, the ocean, the search for eggplantis, thinking, toe-y pegs, touching, vedic chanting, vegan, walking, writing, yarn, yoga, you, zombies